Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Unsolved Celebrity Mysteries of 2010!

1. Do we know yet whether Michael Jackson's doctor is guilty in connection with the singer's death?
—Cole, via Facebook
No we do not.
The involuntary manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray has suffered more drag than Lady Gaga's pied a terre on Halloween, fueling what has to be one of the biggest unanswered questions of the year.
But this isn't the only major mystery that 2010 left unanswered. There were so many, many more:

2. Teresa Giudice: Poor or a liar? First the Real Housewife said she had no money. Bankruptcy court documents backed that up, claiming that that Giudice and her husband owed an estimated $11 million to various creditors. Then Giudice reportedly indulged in a $60,000 shopping spree, including nearly $9,000 on curtains. What's up?

3. What's keeping Angelina Jolie from having friends? Back in September, the Oscar-winning world savior said, "I don't have a lot of friends I talk to," other than her man, Brad Pitt. Maybe it's because she's always traveling to places with no cell phone reception? But then again, this is Jolie we're talking about. Just buy your own satellite already, right?

4. Is Lindsay Lohan getting anything done in rehab? I mean, other than getting into scrums and overseeing the death of her career.

5. Are the Quaids crazy or could they actually really be under siege from deadly star whackers? Because look: When Dr. Richard Kimble said his wife was killed by the one-armed man, the wife really had been killed by the one-armed man.

6. In Inception, did that top ever fall over at the end?

7. Selena Gomez abandoning her promise ring: What does it mean? Especially now that she's dating Justin Bieber or something? Well, OK. What does it mean other than death threats for Selena Gomez?

8. Did Mel Gibson extort/defang/slap/threaten Oksana Grigorieva? Until the cops sort it out, once and for all, the only safe answer is, "I'm still not seeing The Beaver."

9. What exactly is going on inside Johnny Depp's face? Because people seem to be freaking out about some puffiness or something going on with Johnny Depp's face.

10. John Travolta: What the what, already? First came a tabloid report about Travolta. Then came Carrie Fisher's rather matter-of-fact discussion of Travolta's sexuality, followed by a whole bunch of silence from Travolta. Like I said: What the what, already?

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