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Top smartwatches of 2015 are some of the wearable computers we think that would dominate the industry next year. Smartwatches have come of age with custom made mobile operating system and mobile apps. Some smartwatches models, also called watch phones, feature full mobile phone capability, and can make or answer phone calls. Others are ‘sport watch’ with features such as activity tracker. Designed to be worn on the wrist with usually a touchscreen display, its main benefit is the ability to constantly keep one updated with smartphone activities.
1) Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel is still a strong contented in our top smartwatches of 2015 pending the advent of the Apple watch. As part of the wearable pioneers Pebble works with iPhones and Android phones. The screen is visible in broad daylight. The waterproofing is confidence as it is swim and shower friendly. It has a built in pedometer, so for fitness lovers this is an additional bonus. Upto 8 apps can be installed in it. Battery is also nice as it needs charging only twice a week and its on sale for £179 online. All such features have made this product everyone’s favorite and so its still one of our favorite top smartwatches of 2015.

2) LG G Watch R

For people wanting a trendy attractive watch piece, this may be your first choice. With its round design, angular metal frame and selection of gorgeous watch faces, the LG G Watch R is the most attractive Android Wear Smartwatch around. This product’s pricing is varied depending on your region. The battery life of this gadget is reasonably standard but can be made better for heavy users. The watch’s design is sleek, so if you are looking for ‘Back to the Future’ type of smartwatch this may not be for you. If you want a decent smartwatch with an attractive look then you can fetch this one. During the just concluded International CES 2015, LG impressed us tremendously with quality of their displayed smartwatches. The LG G Watch R is a top smartwatches of 2015, selling on amazon from £179.

3) Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony’s efforts to give the market a decent smartwatch has failed in the past. But the company has never stopped trying. The Sony Smartwatch 3 is however different because it was designed with flaws from previous watches in mind. The waterproofing feature has also been improved to a large extent. The straps are now interchangeable. Another important development is that it runs on Android Wear. Android Wear is the software developed by Google that provides a unified platform for companies like Sony, Samsung, LG and Motorola to load on to their products and allow developers to create apps that can run equally well across all devices. Sony has made a great effort with this wearable device and truly deserves a place in our top smartwatches of 2015.




4) Samsung Gear S

Samsung has produced a wearable phone in with its new Samsung Gear S. It has a big, bright curved display and catches everyone’s attention. The battery life is also decent. The best thing about this Gear is that you do not need a phone nearby to access 3G network. This gear supports 3G connectivity. Its appearance is a bit large but this does not become an inconvenience. It is a complete on-wrist phone. This gear too requires a few developments. It does not pair with the latest Samsung phones and its standalone features do not work with all apps and notifications. The Gear S app library is still weak as compared with Android Wear. It may fail some people’s expectations but is still a gadget worth trying. We had a preview during CES 2015 and can’t wait for full review but its already in our top smartwatches of 2015.


5) Motorola Moto 360

Moto 360 is a classic timeless smartwatch designed with quality craftsmanship. It is powered by Android wear so you are rest assured of timely update at a glance. Its round design and premium materials look sharp. It is very comfortable to wear because of its sleek leather band and its light weight. The inductive charging cradle makes it convertible into a bedside clock as well. Its battery life is not that impressive. Its Android wear software is also lacking in many aspects but with the new updates like Moto Body activity tracking just got better. The weird black bar at the bottom also seems like an inconvenience. With a few improvements, Moto 360 is definitely one of the top smartwatches of 2015.


6) Martian Watches

Martian Watches, a California-based developer

of fashionable smartwatches, recently unveiled new designs which includes the Martian Commander, Aviator, Electra and Monarch. These smartwatches are stylist wearables with smart functionality like dual mode functionality, that includes voice command via Classic Bluetooth. Martian Watches are water resistant and compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. The notification alert can be customized with over 1000 apps and programs available. Its available in stainless steel and rugged resin and designed for active individual. This means you can talk, listen and watch from your wrist. Martian’s has team up with watch designer Guess to release some fashionable smartwatches.


7) Polar M400 GPS

The Polar M400 is a GPS watch that combines activity tracking. It supports wireless heart-rate monitor and also has an automatic sleep tracking. So, when you think that you are not sleeping well then just give a glance to your smartwatch. This device has a good battery life and the best thing is it will sync with your phone. Charging it is also not a big deal. It uses a normal Micro-USB for charging. It includes GPS and activity tracking. It has a permanently on display with a backlight, inactivity alerts and is waterproof. The Polar M400 was recently updated to support the Footpod and smartphones notifications. It does not support Android at the moment but will later in 2015. The GPS signal was fluctuating and is not strong enough but the new update fixes most of these issues. It is well waterproofed at 30 meter and delivers a decent 8 hours on GPS mode.


8) Basis Peak

The Basis Peak is a fitness and sleep tracker. It passively measures heart rate and steps with little intervention from the user. It has an excellent battery life that enables the user to use the gadget for days after a single charge. Its swipe based interface is almost too smart for its own good. The upgrade was unveiled during CES 2015 from the solid design update and fantastically responsive display to the hardware responsible for data collection. The design comes with five sensors with a touch screen display. Basis Peak is available on iOS and Android platform available in matte black, or brushed metal and white at $199. It is best for its fitness focused features but comes with a contextual software that actually knows when you are busy or still.


9) Garmin Vivoactive

The Garmin Vivoactive is a smartwatch designed for athletes, a multifunctional sports tracker with GPS. Its not as rugged as some other Garmin watches but very user friendly with a colour LCD and upto 50m water resistance, the Viviactive is a serious contender.  It supports for heart-rate straps, GPS tracking, log running, cycling, swimming and golf, as well as everyday activity tracking. It also connects via Bluetooth to receive notifications from your smartphone and has a three weeks battery life on activity mode compare to 10 hours on GPS mode according to Garmin. You can download third party apps and get more fro Garmin’s new IQ connect app.



10) Withings Activite

The Withings Activite is arguably the most fashion forward smartwatch in the market. It is an analogue looking watch but a fitness wearable that you will actually want to wear. This Swiss-Made watch was designed to encourage healthy lifestyle while looking stylish and classic. Designed with stainless steel and sapphire glass, it has a great battery life. Withings Activite has a fantastic fitness app and honestly beautiful. Although it works with only iPhones at the moment through Bluetooth connectivity. It has no Android support yet, the Health Mate app can only handle one Withings activity tracker and sleep tracking temperamental.


11) Samsung Gear Live

The Samsung Gear Live is one of the first android wear smartwatches. It has a clean metal body which gives it a very sleek and stylish edge. The gear live has an attractive design, comfortable to wear with exchangeable straps.  It can work with many Android phones (4.3 or later) and has an impressive Google Voice Recognition. Some disadvantages are its terrible battery life and its bad display quality in daylight. A strange card based notification system does not always pop up with the info you want. The Snap-On charger is also very annoying. With slight modifications this device may top the market.


12) Apple Watch

Apple Watch is first and foremost an incredibly accurate timepiece.You won’t just send and receive messages, calls and mail more easily and efficiently. You’ll express yourself in new, fun and more personal ways.Apple Watch is designed to keep you more efficient, organised and productive, it’s also made to keep you moving. Because being active is vital to living a healthy life.Everyone’s style is different, as is everyone’s wrist. So Apple Watch comes in two case sizes: 38mm and 42mm. Both of which can be set up to work on either your left or your right wrist.Every new product we’ve introduced has been defined by a unique input device. With Apple Watch, it’s the Digital Crown.  One of the best features on Apple Watch is the new Apple Pay System. The launch will be a turning point for Apple as well. For now we just have to wait and see!


All these smartwatches are brilliant in some ways and lacking in a few. After CES 2015 we are convinced that wearable tech is here to occupy and smartwatches are leading the way.


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Mercedes at CES 2015 unveiled what they believed as the future of automobile transportation in the F 015 car. The F 015 car was launched at this year’s CES with an incredibly moving presentation from Dr Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz cars, who said the car “is developing exceedingly beyond its purpose as a basic agency of transport which will hopefully transformed into a mobile living space”.

That’s the reason why the cocoon-like self-driving vehicle, hosts the best interior which is suitable to easily seat four personal swivelling chairs. The occupants go into the car through rear-hinged doors that opens to 90-degrees as well as sit opposite one another to make sure Mercedes aspirations will rejuvenate the social interaction examined by our remote relations.

As the frustrating process of driving a car is sorted out, the interior will be coated in sophisticated technology with the purpose of enabling persons travelling inside to act jointly with the vehicle on a number of phases. Each entrance panel provides a wide display screen that is controlled by eye-tracking devices and gesture switches.

You can also find HUD units on the windscreen that display distinctive driving information, a primary driver screen in the dashboard and a screen in-between the back seats, which is located at head level to simulate a rear window

The automobile is in addition deliberate to individuals in the outside society as well as other road users, since the “Extended Sense” sensor system continuously monitors it’s environ in a 360-degree radius. Fancy LED displays at the front and back of the car, also warn others of possible barriers. For instance, if a pedestrian crosses the road in front of the car, LED lamps at the back will track his or her movements and flash up a lighting display to alarm following cars not to overtake.

Certainly the F 015’s trick is its power to project a zebra crossing on the road ahead of it making use of laser-light technology, signalling to pedestrians that it is safe to cross and even audibly greeting them over an inbuilt loudspeaker.

The F 015 is truly designed for the future and will definately dominate our third space. It is a breath of fresh air to see how innovation is changing our lives and spaces and Mercedes is up for the challenge.



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Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet

The Venue 8 7000 Series, is the world’s thinnest tablet, thinner than iPad 2 at 6mm. It is winner of CES 2015 best of innovation under the tablets, e-readers and mobile computing category. It is fitted with Intel® Atom processor Z3500 series. It features a stunning 2560×1600 OLED infinity edge-to-edge display which is one of the best displays on a tablet anywhere in the world.

The Venue 8 7000 Series is also the first to integrate the Intel RealSense Snapshot Depth Camera, which captures a depth map for every picture taken. Together with the Dell Gallery application, people will have much more flexibility when editing photos with selective filtering and refocus functions to change the brightness separately on a foreground object or background object, or refocus on any part of the picture.

The Venue 8 7000 packs a 2.3GHz quad-core chip, and it has 2GB of RAM. It runs Android 4.4 “KitKat.” Storage is a measly 16GB, but there’s a microSD card slot for augmenting that.

Dell Gallery is the ultimate photo organiser as it arranges your pictures. It can gather photos from multiple sources — including Dropbox, Picasa and Facebook — then organize them into “smart” albums based on time, geography and even facial recognition.

The Dell Venue 8 7000 is available now on the Dell website for $399.99.

Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet

Samsung 34-inch Curved Monitor

Curve is the new flat as Samsung has demonstrated with their 34-inch Samsung’s SE790C Curved Monitor. To be honest it is a beauty and a beast. It has a 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio, it’s like having two 4:3 monitors side by side which delivers a stunning immersive viewing experience of the ultra-wide curved screen. Enjoy big, bold and stunning panoramic views while you work and play in this 34″ Ultra WQHD SE790C monitor thanks to its 3440 x 1440 resolution, which is 2.5 times the resolution of Full HD. It has a 3000:1 static contrast ratio makes vibrant, lifelike colours, deeper blacks and brighter whites come to life like never before, so you can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience. Its selling on Amazon and EBay at the moment from $1,199.99.

Samsung 34-inch Curved Monitor:

Samsung 34-inch Curved Monitor

Sharp Aquos Beyond 4K TV

Sharp Aquos Beyond 4K TV:

Sharp at CES 2015 made a bold statement with the unveiling of their beyond 4K Ultra HD TV. It seems Sharp is heading for 8K although we are still getting used to 4K. At the unveiling press conference at CES 2015, this amazing technology blow me away. The specs are staggering with 66 million subpixels, 42 million more than standard 4K Ultra HD. With more subpixels, this TV is able to produce an image up to an effective 7640×4320 resolution. According to Sharp this next generation Proprietary Upscaler unleashes the full potential of this stunning resolution, whether it’s HD or 4K UHD content.


It will be in late 2015 starting at 80-inch (diag.) class screen size. I must say this TV delivers an amazing picture detail with the highest standard of colour and contrast. It is design with latest Quattron technology, which provides a billion more shades of colour, this TV displays more colour than any AQUOS TV before it. High Dynamic Range technology and a full array LED panel with local dimming provide extremely deep blacks and white whites.

As a tech guru, I’m surely excited but as a consumer sceptical considering the lack of native content and probably the heavy price tag that will come with it.

Sharp Aquos Beyond 4K TV

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Top ten smartphones of 2015 by PING magazine are the smartphone we project most people will be using before phone-makers unveil their latast gadgets in 2015.  Just when it seemed like they had explored every possible technological arena, phone-makers bombarded the market with numerous handsets, especially towards the end of the year. Seeing the tempo of smartphone evolution, there is constantly some novel idea in the pipeline. The moment you discover one innovation, there is another in waiting.

So here we bring you the top ten smartphones for 2015, the ones which are considered to be the best in all the spheres. Hopefully, this would be extremely helpful in making an informed choice.

1. Apple iPhone 6

Apple finally caught up with the rest of the world in terms of screen size, but iPhone 6 has crossed the horizon in many ways. Starting with the size, it gives us a greater screen space that has been a grey area for iPhone. It might not be the best available resolution, but it definitely has a great display quality. It has a superb finish as far as design is concerned. It is sleek and glossy. It is truly a treat for eyes and a bliss when it comes to use. It has the most effective TouchID implementation, and with Apple Pay in the works, it has features much beyond a normal phone. The camera also is high quality and constant. It is not the highest megapixels camera, but it does give you a great picture quality. And you get all of this in iOS 8. iPhone 6 is simply a great device, and has more potential as the developers sway into action to bring their best to bear.

This is probably the best iPhone from Apple and most amazing innovation of the recent times. If you want to experience Apple in a larger size, iPhone 6 is definitely the perfect choice. It has also been awarded with the Best Phone at the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2014.









2. HTC One (M8)

This phone from HTC has awed the gadget gurus all over the world. The HTC One (M8) methodically is an improvement over the HTC One, taking the design from the former and bettering it in many spheres. This one undoubtedly is a premium device at the top of the Android pile. It’s efficient, super-fast and the modification of the new Sense 6.0 user interface is a further add-on to Android 4.4 KitKat.

The design is brilliant, with a first-class metal body. This handset isn’t only good looking, it offers a great 5-inch full High Definition display with some of the best visuals you’ll find on a phone at this size. The HTC One (M8) has a great battery life, along with an excessive power saver mode if you need to last even longer.

The camera too has some really smart features. It has duo camera which helps you in refocussing images, as well as in applying a number of after shooting effects. The bottom line remains that HTC One (M8) must be bought for its design, power, modest price and refined user experience.











3. Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is bas develop much of what the SGS4 offered. The design is quite alike, but there’s improvement at every level. This is still the regular Samsung smartphone you are familiar with, but it’s slender and fast, with ample power, and offers a spectacular 5.1-inch full HD display.

It has the same flexibility as previous devices, thus you can remove the back of your phone to switch out the battery which gives you an all-day performance. The structure might be mostly plastic, lacking the first-rate gleam of some competitors, but that makes it lighter and handy.

The addition of a heart rate scanner is a unique feature from Samsung which brings it closer to fitness bands. But the implementation of the fingerprint scanner is a little discomfited. The camera produces great pictures and is overall of a superb quality.









4. Sony Xperia Z3

So, next we have Sony Xperia Z3 which has managed to penetrate into the monopoly market of Samsung. It has emerged as a great alternative to the conventional smartphones. Xperia Z3 has something of all its earlier flagship models. The body structure has been modified to the point where the size has become conformable. The sleek body pays dividends and also refines the edges and construction.

Xperia Z3 has much more to offer. The 5.2-inch display completely complements the powerful hardware that’s speedy in operation of all your tasks. Sony has made a number of sophistications over Android in its own software, but avoids exact replication. Then it has a great pair of cameras, the rear one offering amazing quality, ample of options and some gorgeous results. This is definitely the best of Sony’s handsets, the flagship device where Sony’s persistence is paid off. To sum up, the Sony Xperia Z3 is a powerful, water-resistant, quick shooting, Android handset.












5. Motorola Moto X (2014)

2014 saw a rebirth in the form of Motorola Moto X in this era of second generation devices. It offers a display of 5.2-inches and has a handy built. But the most alluring of all are the customisation features, including leather back.

The Moto X’s unencumbered Android experience is its greatest strength, especially due to the pace of updates as new Android versions come along, but at the same time, it’s contenders are much more equipped, offering more straight out of the box. The battery back-up is fairly good and there is plenty of power on offer at a price that undercuts most rivals.

However the camera is a bit disappointing and isn’t a consistent performer. And there is no micro SD card which is amongst the most basic features of an Android phone. The Moto X would be the perfect choice if you aren’t comfortable with the size of the Nexus 6 and desire for a wholesome Android experience.












6. LG G2

LG trumped the smartphone contest with the introduction of G2. The phone is an amalgamation of economical price and sophisticated features which are not familiar to the rival flagship devices. It has great specification along with remarkable design and versatile software features. However, it lacks a micro SD card slot which doesn’t appear to be a great blunder given its brilliant features.

An attractive 5.2 inches screen is compressed into a body which is almost the same size as the Galaxy S4. Then there is a highly speedy quad-core processor and a 13MP rear camera which has ocular image stabilization. However, storage is a grey area since there is only 16 or 32GB space on offer and there is no micro SD card slot for adding on. It can be put off by the buttons on the back and they work really well. The power button isn’t a problem because you can double tap the screen to turn it on and off and the volume buttons are rightly placed to make adjustments during a phone call.

Thus, LG G2 is a good buy especially because it has a strong hardware at the price much lower than other phones with the same features.








7. Nokia Lumia 930

The Lumia 930 is a step in the right direction with its semi-metal design and decent hardware line-up. The screen and camera is fantastic, but it lacks other features and doesn’t have expandable storage. Windows Phone 8.1 has made significant improvements on the software side but the platform is still not a priority for developers, especially in case of third-party hardware.

The Lumia 930 is the best of Windows Phone. But it cannot be certainly said if this is enough to attract new customers in. The size of the display screen is 5-inches and is fully HD. The camera is fair and the concrete build quality separates the device from other contenders with detachable back plates.

The Lumia 930 is large, valiant and has touches of luminosity. Though, there’s still a lot to be done to truly set it apart from the competition, but is a device that can’t be overlooked for its positives and its aspirations.










8. Honor 6 (by Huawei)

The novel innovation from Huawei is really a pearl in the necklace of smartphones. The reasonable price of Honor 6 is quite impressive while providing specs would cost a lot more. The display screen measures 5 inches and is fully HD. The camera is high quality and the battery life is fairly good. It supports 4G, expandable storage and has other wireless features like NFC and an IR blaster. However, the micro SD cards slot is limited to 32 GB and Emotion UI isn’t the finest Android software around. But these don’t impede the Honor 6 from being the best value smartphone.

The device is sleek and light-weighted. Its ‘dazzling’ exterior involves a Kirin920 processor which is an octa-core chip. Despite that inexpensiveness, the Honor 6 also provides flagship specs in the photography division. It also has a 13Mp rear camera at the back which uses a 4G Sony sensor, has a dual-LED flash and supports HDR (high dynamic range), although it has electronic rather than optical image stabilization. Thus, Honor 6 is a great phone at an affordable price and with an interesting design. You can go for it if you are willing to give an unconventional try.











9. BlackBerry Passport

The BlackBerry Passport has specific features that beats almost every smartphone today and comes in an exclusive form factor that is optimized for production.

The device includes Amazon’s Android AppStore and it is super-easy to sideload the Snap application for accessing the Google Play Store. There is almost every app due to support for Android, but all are not optimized for the square display and performance can be quite poor at times.

Other amazing features of BlackBerry Passport include 4.5-inch 1440 x 1440 pixel resolution display, full hardware QWERTY keyboard, 13-mp camera, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, micro SD card slot, and large 3,450 mAh battery.

The awesome BlackBerry Hub helps in unified communications. It also presents great hardware and a smart keyboard that is extremely helpful in reading and editing. However, the square shape makes it quite discomfited to use. The Amazon’s app store also lack some key apps found on Google Play. So, the sine qua non is BlackBerry Passport’s upbeat focus on efficiency seeds an incredible keyboard, but its blocky shape makes one-handed use quite difficult.









10. Asus ZenFone 5

Taiwan-based Asus has expanded its footprint in India with the launch of the new ZenFone smartphone series. From its built and battery life to its software and modest price, this smartphone has got a lot going for it. Asus has managed to keep the ZenFone 5 reasonably slim, but it does get a bit stocky at its thickest point, that is, 10.34 mm.

It is paired with 2 GB RAM, which clearly indicates that this smartphone is certainly not lethargic. Its reactive apps were quick to launch and playing games was swift enough for most casual smartphone gamers. The camera used in the ZenFone 5 is reasonably good on pixels (8 MP) with an LED flash and an aperture of f/2.0 that uses the PixelMaster technology of the company. The camera is not bad, but it’s certainly not the best we’ve seen on a similar-range smartphone. The battery life of the ZenFone 5 is really good.

Using the ZenFone 5 to send emails, browse social media, send messages, make phone calls, play games and watch videos on the commute, it was found the device could be continuously used with charging only once every two days. Thus, given the price and other features, ZenFone 5 is a good buy but definitely not the best given the wide range of smartphones available.














So, here we have tried to acquaint you with the latest technology of the year. Hope you make right choice from the wide range provided here!


Samsung Mobile in 2014

Samsung Mobile in 2014:

Samsung mobile in 2014 displayed their innovation in mobile industry as an undisputed heavy champion. There have been a lot of advancements in technology over the last few decades. The gadgets discovered with these technologies have become an integral part of our lives. Be it communicating with friends, getting updates about sports, news, climate, etc, it is just a finger touch away and a way of life. To fulfil the increasing demands of such gadgets, many companies are slogging. But one of the leading brands which has time and again met the expectations of people is Samsung. Samsung mobile in 2014 released huge range of products such as smart phones, tablets, PCs, notebooks, etc. Let us give you a glance to some of the most recent and advanced products of Samsung mobile in 2014.

In such a busy lifestyle, it is very important to capture some of the treasured moments with our loved ones. Samsung has got some of the best cameras for you. Samsung’s new NX30 and Galaxy Camera 2 can be your first preferences. These cameras are very handy and light. So carrying it to your favourite places is not at all difficult. New NX30 has a 20.3 megapixel camera which gives you very clear and high definition pictures. It has additional features of hybrid autofocus, dual band Wi-Fi and NFC chip. It takes 9 frames per second. The Galaxy camera 2 has a 16.3 megapixel camera. It comes with quad-core processor and jellybean 4.3 operating system. One of the best features is its 50 GB free cloud storage. So you need not worry about storage, you got enough of it! Both these cameras make it very easy to share the pictures on social networks. So if you are thinking to buy a camera here are your choices.














ATIV Book 9 is a very sophisticated device unveiled by Samsung mobile in 2014. It has aerodynamic design with an ultra-slim, sturdy and light weight single shell metal body. These features make it very portable. It has a display screen of 15.6 inches. It runs on Windows 8 operating system. Giving ATIV Book 9 a tough competition is ATIV One 7. It is a perfect example of seamless PC-mobile convergence with galaxy smart phones. It has a storage capacity of 1TB. The display screen size is 24 inches. It runs on Windows 8.1 operating system.














Galaxy Note 4 is the best phablets in the world released by Samsung mobile in 2014. Its sleek, stylish design in a premium metal frame has made this very popular among people looking for an elegant and stylish gadget. Its superior viewing quality and better battery life gives it an edge over other similar products. An S-Pen comes along with it. It gives you the advantage of making hand-made designs, etc. Galaxy Note 4 has a display of 5.7 inches. It has 2.7 GHz quad core and 1.9 GHz octa core processor and runs on android 4.4 kitkat processor. Other attractive features include 16 MP front and 3.7 MP rear camera, 32GB internal memory with external memory slot and a 3 GB RAM. All these features make it one of the best selling products.













One of the popular gadgets is tablets. Samsung mobile in 2014 offers a variety of them, all with the best features available. Samsung Note Pro and Samsung Tab Pro are the best examples. They are very sleekly built and light weighted. Both these gadgets are world’s first 12.2 inch WQXGA widescreen tabs. You can work on multiple windows at the same time. It gives an opportunity to work on 4 different windows. An S-Pen accompanies it. This provides a more responsive, productive and efficient tablet experience. They have built-in android 4.4 kitkat operating systems. It consist an 8MP front and 2MP rear camera. Galaxy Tab Active is another choice. It is specifically built for business purposes. The anti-shock covering makes it resistant to a 1.2 meter drop. A front camera of 3.1 MP and rear camera of 1.2 MP are available. A C-Pen comes along, which gives you a very efficient experience. For people working with no recharge points nearby, this is the perfect choice. It gives a battery life of 8 to 10 hours. The battery is detachable, so replacing it is not a problem. The built-in POGO pin charging makes it very unique and gives it an edge other than its competitors.












Samsung Tab 4 is also no less. It comes in different sizes. The options are 10.1, 8, 7 inches. It gives 4G connectivity. It has 1.2 GHz quad core processor and runs on android 4.4 kitkat operating system. The camera is of 3 MP front and 1.3 MP rear. Another similar product available is Samsung Tab S. It has many inbuilt apps which gives a very unique experience to its users. An app known as KICK is pre-installed. This is a football game which gives the football lovers an altogether different experience. Gaming is very much fun and graphic effects are excellent. Another speciality is the pre-installed app called Papergarden. It is a magazine app but not a general one. It is the first magazine app by Samsung. Such apps can be enjoyed on the 8.4 inch display. Such unique features make the Samsung tabs very much loved all over the world.

While going out of your house what is the first thing you take along with you? Most people will say wallet but in today’s time mobiles have become more important than a wallet. And now it is the age of smart phones. They have become a necessity. And they have all the reasons to become such an important accessory. Every aspect of our lives is entangled with social communication these days and smart phones are the passage to availing the necessary applications required for social communication. So, getting a good smart phone with all the desired features is very important. Samsung mobile in 2014 has got some smart phones that can fulfill all the requirements you need.













Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy A3 are very good choices. They are the slimmest smart phones by Samsung till date. Both have a full metal body. Its sleek and slim design makes it look very stylish and gives added radiance to one’s personality. With these phones you will get the best possible social media experience. They have superior hardware compared to others. Galaxy A5 is a smart phone with a 5 inch display. It has a 13 MP front and 5 MP rear camera. It runs on android 4.4 kitkat operating system. Galaxy A3 has a 4.5 inch display size. It has a front camera with 8 MP and a rear camera with 5 MP resolutions. It also runs on android 4.4 kitkat operating system. Samsung galaxy Alpha is another attractive product. It has a metal frame, elegantly curved corners and a soft black cover. It is very slim and light to carry. Some very attractive features are its finger print scanner, connectivity with gear fit, gear live and gear 2. It comes in multiple colours such as charcoal black, dazzling white, frosted gold, sleek silver and scuba blue. It has a display screen of 4.7 inches. It runs on android 4.4.4 kitkat operating system. Camera feature is also very good with a 12 MP front and 2.1 MP rear camera. It has an internal storage space of 32 GB. An inbuilt 2 GB RAM makes it very fast and easy to use. Companies collaborating are common news, but the collaboration of Swarovski Crystals and Samsung at the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been a treat for thousands of people. It is because this collaboration has given the market a beautiful product, crystal encrusted smart phones. These valuable phones have a back cover which is encrusted with crystals. These phones can be connected with galaxy S5 and Gear Fit. These crystals make these smart phones really very elegant. One can also consider them as a status symbol. This smart phone can add radiance to your presence in any occasion.













With all such advancements having gadgets which one can comfortably wear seems like an impressive idea. Wearable gadgets are next on Samsung shop. The collaboration of Samsung and oculus has brought to market a mobile virtual reality with Gear VR. This 5.7 inch quad HD super AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note 4 is the perfect gadget for technology loving people. Its soft, flexible cushioning and light weight materials make this very comfortable to wear. It is a wireless device which makes it even more portable. Another wearable gadget is the Gear S. This gear comes with a beautiful 2 inch curved super AMOLED display and flexible band. You can wear this stylish device on your wrists. It adds to your style and also keeps you connected to the world. It has 3G connectivity. You can use social networks, SMS, S voice functions, etc… applications. It is resistant against dust and water. An internal memory of 4GB and 512 RAM accompany. For health lovers there is an inbuilt heart monitor. It runs on android operating system and has a 1.2 GHz processor. All in all, this is the perfect combination of style and technology.

So for all technology lovers who wants a whole range gadgets, Samsung mobile in 2014 has not disappointed us with their 2014 collection. As we head to CES 2015 expect more fro this global giant.

Samsung Mobile in 2014

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Samsung Electronics in 2014

Samsung Electronics in 2014:


As Arthur C. Blake said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is precisely what the recent innovations of Samsung portray – magic. For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses. It leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. On one hand, Samsung has reached the top most position in the mobile phone and LCD manufacturing, while on the other hand it is still exploring the uncharted horizons of technology. Samsung Electronics in 2014 was spectacular in the evolution of technology and electronic general.

Samsung Electronics in 2014 launched 27-Inch S27D590C Curved Monitor. Easily affordable and accessible, the product was lauded by the gadget lovers all over the world. The curvature of the S27D590C improves the viewing experience in comparison to traditional flat screen monitors, as the screen boasts nearly uniform viewing distances from the centre of the screen to its edges. This curve of the screen matches the natural curve of the human eye and makes it easy for viewers to completely immerse themselves in games and films. Thus, this innovation of Samsung has redefined the viewing experience by making multimedia content more engaging, vibrant and true-to-life. So, if you are a gaming maniac and were waiting for something that would deepen your relationship with the technology, this is the right thing for you.

Next in the line is NX1 camera that was unveiled by Samsung Electronics in 2014. The NX1 delivers fantastic image quality and unrivalled usability, setting a new benchmark for photographers everywhere and providing a genuine alternative to DSLRs as the professional camera of choice around the world. Featuring best in class 15FPS continuous AF shooting, a unique Auto Focus (AF) System III with 205 Phase Detection AF points and 28MP APS-C BSI CMOS Sensor for superior image quality, the versatile performance and precision craftsmanship will challenge even the most classical photographers to re-think their understanding of professional photography. The photography enthusiasts received the NX1 very well; especially the innovation in the quality of the sensor was appreciated.

NX1 camera










Another product launched by Samsung in this category is NX3000 SMART Camera. NX3000 is latest in the Samsung’s award winning NX series range of compact system cameras. It characterizes ultra-modern technical specifications and a retro design and is ideal for photography enthusiasts who want a trendy camera to capture life’s most important moments in spectacular detail. Thus, this is the camera for an expert photographer with rather interesting features like fantastic image quality, remarkably fast AF system and ease of use.














Samsung Electronics in 2014 released its range of new design concept printers. It is definitely a breakthrough concept in the printing industry. With the growing trend for mobile printing, ‘Vase’ is a mono laser printer that takes up minimal space. Its outstanding design makes it more portable and its availability in various colours complement different living room designs.











Egg Tray, an eco-friendly toner cartridge package created with fully recyclable paper is another amazing product in this realm. Instead of the traditional paper box with an air shock absorbent, manual, and warranty card, the ‘Egg Tray’ uses one pulp-moulded tray and recycled paper. This leads to reduce material costs, and makes it more ecologically viable.










Another printer unveiled by Samsung is ‘One & One,’ which is a mono laser printer with a hybrid design that can print in two different colours. The two cartridges facilitate users to print in cyan, magenta, or yellow to complement the standard black toner.











Mate’ is a mono laser printer that enables people to customise the colour of the device, using coloured panels allowing users to change the colours according to their personal preference. What is really interesting about these printers is their appearance and the concept of social responsibility behind it. Also, their compact size makes them perfect for your homes and offices.










Next in the line is Complete Curved Solutions Range for Unparalleled Choice. Samsung is proud to unveil the widest selection of Curved TV and audio products ever, with an unrivalled range of technologies and sizes to cater for all. The range offers 17 curved TV models in UHD, FHD and LED, ranging in size from 48” to the world’s largest 105” Curved UHD TV. This range appeals to all the sections of persons and is equally attractive to both young and old.

105” Curved UHD TV













Entering the arena of home appliances, Samsung Electronics in 2014 has developed a novel robot vacuum called Powerbot VR 9000. The Powerbot VR9000 is an evolution in home cleaning that conquers the limitations of conventional robot vacuums and sweeps up dust just like a broom. It marks the start of a new generation in cleaning with its superior suction power, which is up to 60 times greater than conventional cleaners; thanks to Samsung’s advanced Digital Inverter Technology. In addition, its enlarged brush, which covers a much wider area, ensures a more thorough clean whilst the unique Cyclone Force technology reduces the risk of clogged filters to ensure that high performance lasts longer. Moreover, its upgraded scanning system, FullView Sensor™, allows speedy and smooth movement to give you thorough and efficient cleaning by cleverly avoiding obstacles; thanks to a suite of sensors that minimise the blind spots. The pricing for the product is yet to be done, however it has already caught the imagination of people and is on their priority list.












Another very fascinating innovation is the Samsung Android Printers. Samsung Electronics introduced ten new multi-function printer (MFP) models to the European market, at the ‘Smart MultiXpress’ Unveiling Event taking place at IFA 2014, in Berlin. The MFPs are the first printers of their kind to be equipped with an Android operating system, and are designed to be more independent, intuitive and can be used in all business environments. If you are a corporate personality or a workaholic who cannot tolerate unnecessary technological constraints, MFP is the thing for you.












The WW9000 by Samsung Electronics in 2014 is an eco-bubble washing machine that offers an intuitive user experience and smart laundry capabilities, all packaged within an elegant minimalist design. Gone are unnecessary lines, knobs and buttons; instead the WW9000 has a streamlined front with a ripple design running along its side. As well as a beautiful design, it makes it easy to tackle household chores speedily, thanks to an intuitive 5-inch colour Full Touch Screen and enhanced smart features, all of which improve the overall performance of the washing machine. This perfectly matches your requirements and thus minimises a great deal of time and effort.












The introduction of New LED Smart Bulbs at Light + Building is another very important innovation by Samsung. In contrast to the conventional Wi-Fi controllable LED lighting, the Smart Bulb employs Bluetooth technology, which eradicates the need for a bridge and wireless AP, allowing the user to connect and regulate it directly from a smartphone or tablet PC. The users can use and control of up to 64 Smart Bulbs with no supplementary equipment or set up required just by installing an application. The Smart Bulb can be dimmed down to 10% brightness and it is also CCT tuneable from 2700K to 6500K. With a life span of 15,000 hours per Smart Bulb, users will receive around ten years of highly-efficient light. Due to its efficiency and effectiveness both in terms of price and quality, it becomes a necessity for every household.











Samsung Electronics in 2014 has also recently launched chef-inspired innovation with full kitchen appliance line-up titled “Samsung Chef Collection”, thus becoming one of Europe’s fastest growing home appliance brands. Through the association with Samsung Club Des Chefs, it has developed novel cooking ideas. The Chef Collection Oven offers specialized cooking with a new chef-inspired development. The super-heated steam is used to optimise the consistency and savour of your food, specifically when baking or roasting Gourmet Vapour Technology uses. Steam heated to over 100° C creates a micro-fine Hydro vapour that is quickly and evenly circulated into every corner by the convection fan. It instantaneously advances the quality of the food by ably transferring heat and moisture to be deliciously crusty and brown outside, but soft and juicy inside.













Another product launched in this arena is The Samsung Chef Collection Bottom Mounted Freezer. It symbolizes a great advancement in food preservation, storage and design with its attention to innovation, particularly to temperature control which is maximised through distinctive features. In this case, Samsung Club des Chefs advised that professionals prefer meat to keep an optimal temperature before cooking. To counter this, Samsung came up with specific temperature control and minimised temperature fluctuation to conserve the freshest quality and taste at their best. This product has thus revolutionized the food-processing techniques.











The latest stereo speaker launched by Samsung Electronics in 2014 has already created buzz amongst the music lovers. Named as Samsung Level Box mini, it contains a huge stereo speaker and a passive radiator, optimised to deliver premium-quality sound that is powerful, crisp and balanced. It is compatible with the Samsung Level App, which provides Volume Control, Text-to-Speech, S Voice and SoundAlive. The innovative audio technology by Samsung called SoundAlive, smartly makes regular adjustments to sound quality by analysing the source to ensure the best possible sound quality. The Level Box mini employs the aptX codec, so that users can enjoy incessant, robust streaming. The dedicated hardware design of Level Box mini provides noise reduction and echo cancellation, and an in-built microphone delivers clear voice, making it perfect for conference calls with friends. In addition, this version of Level Box is not only technologically advanced but also has a great appearance. Therefore, it already features in the favourites of the youth.

The last year has thus been another feather in the cap of the corporation. It has not only widened its reach but also significantly improved its technology. Through inventive, dependable products and services; brilliant people; a responsible approach to business and global citizenship; Samsung has taken the world in creative new directions.

Samsung Electronics in 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

LG G Watch R Preview

LG G Watch R Preview

The LG G Watch R is one of the first smartwatches powered by Android Wear and comes with its stylish looks and smooth, speedy performance. The world’s first watch-style wearable to feature a fully circular Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display, the G Watch R was inspired by classical and premium timepieces. The 1.3-inch circular P-OLED display takes advantage of every pixel, producing images with stunning colour and accurate viewing at all angles, even under bright sunlight.

Different people expect a watch to mean certain things- some might want to make a fashion statement; fitness people need it to be a tracker, while others want it to be valuable. So LG is back with the G Watch R which is probably the undisputed winner of the beauty pageant, albeit dwarfing even the biggest wrists. But it comes with changeable straps, so you don’t have to get bored of the same look.

It looks like a spin-off of the standard diving watch. Even the bezel is numbered, and the winding key is basically the power button. The power button concept was a welcome idea especially after the pitiable situation in the G Watch which needed a charger to be turned back on once you turned it off. It has loads of perks like tracking lunar cycles and an altitude measurer that’s going to make those hikers out there really happy. The 410mAh battery life is promised to be two days (which feels like a bit on the lower side) but since LG is trying to slim down the watch as much as possible, a micro USB or a wireless charging slot would backfire. For touching the full two days, you’re going to need the standby mode a lot which, courtesy the plastic OLED, draws only 10 per cent of the full power. The screen is otherwise pretty bright with 300nits. But that’s a pretty satisfactory reserve of power to draw upon.

Designed and built to last, the LG G Watch R features a classic design encased in durable stainless steel and aluminum powered by a 410mAh battery, the largest in an Android Wearable to date. Like the original LG G Watch, the G Watch R delivers optimal performance through its powerful but efficient 1.2GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor with 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. With an Ingress Protection rating of IP67, the device is completely protected from dust and water resistant for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of one metre. The G Watch R, designed with personalisation in mind, is compatible with any 22mm wide watch strap.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU, 4GB storage, 512 MB RAM and 4.0 Bluetooth gives it a pretty smooth functioning, giving you an overall good experience from the smartwatch. The premium looks combined with a host of good features gelling together smoothly is a good enough reason for you to get it.
Key Specifications:

  • Chipset: 1.2GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400

  • Display: 1.3-inch P-OLED Display (320 x 320)

  • Memory: 4GB eMMC / 512MB RAM

  • Battery: 410mAh

  • Operating System: Android Wear™

(compatible with smartphones running Android 4.3 and above)

  • Sensors: 9-Axis (Gyro / Accelerometer / Compass), Barometer, PPG (Heart Rate Monitor

  • Colour: Black

  • Other: Dust and Water Resistant (IP67)

LG G Watch R Preview



If you are looking for an alternative to Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8, then you can try Huawei Ascend P7 which is giving some stiff competition. It is a flagship Android phone.

The Huawei P-series phones are known in the world for their thin and sleek design and the Ascend P7 is no different. It is 6.5 mm thick and this is even thinner than the wafer thin 7.6 mm iPhone 5S. Hence it is easy to handle this 5 inch phone. You will also be happy to know that the Ascend P7’s look is inspired by iPhone. There are aluminium textured sides and a flat pane of hard toughened glass at the back. Some exclusive design features of this phone include a curvy bottom edge and a textured finish to the rear.


The new 4G LTE-enabled Ascend P7 redefines smartphone excellence with top-notch features, ultra-fast connectivity and easier navigation in a beautifully-crafted design that places it in a class of its own. With a 5-inch full high definition display, industry-leading 8MP front-facing and 13MP rear-facing cameras, and the latest intuitive Emotion UI 2.3.

It is no doubt, a mesmerising phone, but there are some things that can be improved. Although its design is similar to that of the iPhone 5S, the texture of the aluminium layer is nowhere near it. The construction quality is good with no wide seams and a “feel good to hold” glass and metal body.

It has 1080 pixels IPS LCD Display and the display quality is reasonable. The well saturated, but natural looking colours, ensure that everything looks bright, sharp and clear. You cannot see individual pixels in this high calibre display. Although it is quite good, it is still not a match to some of the best LCDs out there, such as that of Sony Xperia Z2. Viewing angles in particular are not that satisfactory. There is also a brightness loss when viewed at some angles and a sharp IPS glow from others.

Huawei Ascend P7 enables unlimited media viewing with ultra-fast 4G LTE speed and Huawei’s unique dual antenna design to improve signal reception. Ascend P7 also uses smart network switching technology that stabilizes the connection even during weak signal reception to minimize battery drainage. Enjoy long-lasting continuous media viewing and data sharing thanks to the robust 2500 mAh lithium polymer battery and proprietary battery saving technology.




The Nikon Coolpix AW120 is an all weather compact rugged camera. The AW 120 is proving to be a tough competitor out there in the market. It has a tough armoured hide that can essentially withstand a two meter fall onto a hard surface. There is rubber sealing around the buttons and the battery/SD card hatch, makes it amazingly dustproof and water proof to a depth of 18m.

The camera can withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, as claimed by Nikon. This particular camera has immense powers of survival. To check and prove its ruggedness, it was subjected to a lot of situations. It was given a fairly violent rinse in the dishwasher and was also kept in the freezer. In both cases, it came out unscathed. Its size enables it to be carried around comfortably in a jeans pocket or a jacket.AW120_BK_back.low


Although it has splendid survival powers, we feel that its image quality is not known as much as its ruggedness. It was found that the metering was a little off when zoomed in and it has a low light performance, even when the aperture is fully open.

Apart from that, it has quite decent features such as X5 optical zoom. Photos and videos look nice and clean when they are taken in good lighting conditions. In tricky shots where there are both bright and dark scenes, the HDR mode works quite well. Videos taken in full HD 1080p are clean and smooth.

There are additional features incorporated into this model as compared to its predecessor that is the AW 110. The Coolpix AW120 has an electronic compass, so that you know the direction you are facing when you take the shot. There is also a built-in WiFi. This enables a wireless connection to a laptop or a Smartphone. During the hands on, users said that it did not pair with any device for about 10 minutes.

This camera is definitely a good choice if you are going mountaineering or skiing or anything that involves harsh and rugged use.


Main Features

A zoom NIKKOR beginning at the wide-angle 24mm focal length, and offering a fast maximum aperture of f/2.8.

The Coolpix AW120 is waterproof to depths of approximately 18 m, the maximum depth allowed for those with a diving license*.

The Coolpix AW120 supports display of points of interest (POI) for adding the names of places where photos are taken to images captured with the camera.

The Coolpix AW120 is equipped with a five-axis vibration reduction function that combines lens-shift vibration reduction with electronic vibration reduction with movie recording.

The Coolpix AW120 is available in four colors: camouflage pattern, orange, black, and blue. Its unique, elegant design is more refined, yet is tough enough to stand up to harsh conditions, making it well suited not only to use outdoors, but also to everyday use around town.



Arlington, Va., December 15, 2014 – Authors who are at the forefront of the technology industry with books addressing  business strategy, Internet culture and disruptive products and services will be featured at the 2015 International CES® as part of Gary’s Book Club, presented by Barnes & Noble. CES attendees will have the opportunity to meet the authors, purchase books onsite through Barnes & Noble, hear author interviews and have their books signed. Owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® the 2015 CES, the global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology, will run January 6-9, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Gary’s Book Club will also feature three CEA books for sale: New York Times bestsellers The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream and Ninja Innovation: The Ten Killer Strategies of the World’s Most Successful Businesses (hardback and paperback) for purchase, written by CEA’s president and CEO Gary Shapiro. CEA’s newest book, Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate, written by CEA’s Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac, Ph.D., will be available for advance, pre-release sale at the 2015 International CES.


“I can think of no better place than the International CES to launch CEA’s new book, Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate, written by our own chief economist Shawn DuBravac. The book supports our mission to promote innovation by exploring how the world’s mass adoption of digital technologies portends the beginning of a new era for humanity,” said Shapiro. “We are also thrilled to welcome a robust group of incredible authors to the CEA stage for the second year. Their unmatched business and industry expertise will benefit and educate CES attendees on the transformations taking place within our industry and across society.”


Featured Gary’s Book Club authors include:

  • Aneesh Chopra, Innovative State: How New Technologies Can Transform Government 

  • Shawn DuBravac, Ph.D, Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate

  • Nicole Gallucci, Adversperience: The Convergence of Advertising & Experiential Marketing 

  • Frank Gruber, Startup Mixology: Tech Cocktails Guide to Building, Growing & Celebrating Startup Success

  • Andrew Keen, The Internet is Not the Answer 

  • Peter Nowak, Humans 3.0 -The Upgrading of the Species 

  • Alexis Ohanian, Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed 

  • Paul Paetz, Disruption by Design: How to Create Products That Disrupt and Then Dominate Markets 

  • Anna van Slee & Carolyn Chandler, Adventures in Experience Design 

  • Scott Steinberg, Make Change Work for You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty 

  • Patrick Stroh, Business Strategy; Plan, Execute, Win! 

  • Barry Wacksman and Chris Stutzman, Connected by Design: Seven Principles for Business Transformation through Functional Integration 

A complete schedule of Gary’s Book Club author interviews taking place on the CEA Stage at the LVCC, Grand Lobby can be found at More detailed 2015 CES author information is available via Gary’s Book Club Press Kit.


The 2015 CES will feature more than 3,500 exhibitors unveiling the latest products and services across the entire ecosystem of consumer technology. For more information on the 2015 International CES, visit


TCT takes on 3D printing at CES 2015

3D printing takes to the stage again at International CES 2015 with TCT Magazine + Personalize


Chester, UK, December 4th, 2014: At the forthcoming International CES in Las Vegas, TCT Magazine + Personalize will proudly bring eight world-class speakers to the stage to talk about 3D printing and its impacts on everything from business models to healthcare. The full day of content will see the CEOs of six leading 3D printing players as well as two of the foremost industry analysts deliver insight on an unprecedented level.


Maker, entrepreneur and visionary CEO of Autodesk Inc., Carl Bass will kick off the day by bringing his experiences from both outside and inside the 3D printing industry to the stage. Carl’s decades of experience in the 3D design community have allowed him to monitor the 3D printing industry closely before Autodesk jumped aboard with the Spark Platform.


To dispel the myth that 3D printing is a set of technologies in search of applications Materialise CEO Fried Vancraen will commence the afternoon session. Fried founded Materialise back in 1990 and the company has been instrumental in the development of life-changing applications of 3D printing.


MakerBot were the first 3D printing company to exhibit at International CES in 2009. CEO Jenny Lawton will explore how ‘hands-on’ 3D printing has evolved since then and the outlook for this exciting segment of the industry in the years to come. Joining Jenny in the ‘Getting Access to 3D Printing’ session, 3D Hubs’ co-founder Bram de Zwart will explain how consumers — and businesses — can access 3D printing without ever touching a spool of filament.


In a related address Shapeways’ CEO Peter Weijmarshausen will major on the business opportunities presented by 3D printing both in terms of Shapeways itself but also the thousands of Shapeways Shop owners.


Formlabs represent something of a new paradigm for startups in general, moving seamlessly from wildly successful Kickstarter project to respected player in less than 24 months. Co-founder Max Lobovsky will take us through the rollercoaster ride that this Boston-based 3D printer maker has been on, and how it impacts not only 3D printing but all hardware startups.


Impartial analysis is thankfully plentiful in the 3D printing industry and two of the top practitioners, Terry Wohlers and Phil Reeves, will be on hand to run through the facts and figures of the 3D printing industry and its impacts.


TCT + Personalize’s Group Editor and Conference Director, Jim Woodcock, commented: “The parallel development of software, hardware and communication technology is revolutionising how we conceive, develop and produce everything from our cars and mobile phones to our joints and even human tissues. I am exceptionally proud of the line up that the TCT team has put together for the 2015 edition of the conference and I am sure that attendees will walk away with not only the right answers but also the right questions.”

TCT takes on 3D printing at CES 2015

Monday, December 15, 2014

Apple in 2014

Apple in 2014


in 2014 has revolutionised the rules of business and technology starting from 1976. Today, Apple is a symbol of quality, innovation and distinction. Apple in 2014 became the first company to be valued at $700bn (£446bn). Trading its shares at nearly 1% to $119.75, giving it a market capitalisation of $701.7bn. This is higher than the GDP of all but the top 19 countries in the world. Forbes rates it first in the world’s most valuable brands.

Following its trend of amazing innovations and state-of-art techniques, Apple made many valuable contributions to the electronics industry in 2014.


Apple in 2014 launched iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, the largest advancements in the iPhone history. With dazzling 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Retina HD displays, packed with novel technology in an innovative dramatically thin and seamless design. The new iPhones characterise a precision unibody enclosure of anodised aluminium that matches seamlessly with the shaped glass of the display, resulting in a completely smooth and continuous surface. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are designed to be thin and fast with a spacious screen and the smoothest payment system ever seen. Also, the battery backup is amazing. The iPhone 6 is a phone, which was long awaited, and with its introduction, Apple enters the realm of phablets. They are judged as the best overall phones of 2014 by the gadget gurus.

















The recent tablets launched by Apple in 2014 are the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, already some of the best tablets of 2014. Just 6.1 mm thin and weighing less than a pound, iPad Air 2 characterizes an enhanced Retina display for improved contrast, more lively colours, and better cameras for capturing best moments of your life. The new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 offers Touch ID, so users can unlock their iPad with just the touch of a finger and make purchases easily and securely within apps using Apple Pay. They are available in gold, silver and space grey colours. Air 2 specifically has delivered excellent performance on various display benchmarks. Its outstanding features like gorgeous display, super thin design, faster A8X chip, sharper camera, best app selection and very long battery life has made it a must buy for the techno savvy youth.

















As Apple has made laptops and tablets its focal point, its desktops have become the province of professionals and they have rapidly become extraordinarily powerful machines. The latest innovation in this category is 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. It is world’s highest resolution display with an overwhelming 14.7 million pixels. At this incredible resolution, text appears sharper than ever, videos are exceptionally lifelike, and you can see new levels of precision in your snaps. With the recent quad-core processors, high-performance graphics, Fusion Drive and Thunderbolt 2, iMac with Retina 5K display is the most powerful iMac ever made. This extravagant all-in-one iMac desktop is appealing to photo and video professionals or anyone else looking for the best possible screen resolution.


















Apple in 2014, finally updated Mac mini with the novel technologies and a new lesser starting price, making Apple’s entry level Mac Computer. It now contains fourth generation Intel Core processors, integrated graphics that are up to 90 per cent faster, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Thunderbolt 2 and is still the world’s most energy efficient desktop. It is being reviewed as a powerful little computer that’s very flexible for various uses, from general-purpose desktop machine to media server to fully-fledged file server.

Apple in 2014 Mac mini
















Apple in 2014 launched, MacBook Pro with Retina is in many ways a classic follow-up from the Cupertino-based company. Lighter, thinner and faster than the previous generation’s models, it made improvements in key areas while keeping the same pixel-packing display that made the innovation a hit. It is focused on representing better value for money, with each model featuring a 200MHz processor clock speed boost over last year’s refresh for the same cost. It features a stunning high-resolution display; an amazing design just 0.71-inch thin, the latest processors and powerful graphics, and up to nine hours of battery life, delivering unbelievable performance in an incredibly portable design. Apple has also recently lowered the starting price of the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro, a very popular system with Windows switchers, by £100 to £899.

MacBook Pro
















MacBook Air was also updated by Apple in 2014 with faster processors and lower prices, makes it ideal everyday notebook an even better value. Now starting at £749, MacBook Air features powerful processors, fast flash storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, up to 12 hours of battery life and Apple’s iLife and iWork apps, giving you everything you need to handle all your work, all day long. Thus the latest MacBook Air keeps the line’s winning formula for an ultra light notebook, just adding a slight bump in speed to keep it fresh. MacBook Air remains one of the best options out there for someone seeking a portable laptop that doesn’t skimp on power.

Apple Watch is the company’s most personal device ever attributing innovative new technologies and a pioneering user interface with a beautiful design that honours the rich belief of precision watchmaking. It introduces an expressly designed and engineered Digital Crown that provides an interesting way to scroll, zoom and navigate. Apple Watch will empower you to communicate in new ways right from your wrist by sending and receiving messages, answering calls to your iPhone, and with Digital Touch, sending something as personal as your own heartbeat. Apple Watch also introduces inclusive health and fitness apps that can aid people lead healthier lives. Apple Watch is presented in three different collections- Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. With the launch of the watch, Apple’s clearly aiming this at the fashion market as much as the person who loves to be an early adopter.

Apple Watch first view1














With Apple Pay, Apple initiates a new category of service that will alter mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay. Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus through a pioneering NFC antenna design, a dedicated chip called the Secure Element, and the security and convenience of Touch ID. It is simple to set up, so millions of users can merely add their credit or debit card on file from their iTunes Store account. Apple Pay will also work with the newly announced products of Apple like Apple Watch, extending Apple Pay to over 200 million owners of iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s worldwide.

 Apple Pay














iOS 8 is the biggest release of Apple since the introduction of the App Store. It delivers a simpler, quicker and more instinctive user experience with new Messages and Photo features, predictive typing for Apple’s QuickType keyboard and Family Sharing. iOS 8 also includes the new Health app, giving you a clear synopsis of your health and fitness data. It also has iCloud Drive which allows you to store files and access them from anywhere. With more than 4,000 new APIs, iOS 8 allows developers to further customise the user experience with major extensibility features and robust frameworks such as HealthKit and HomeKit. The general reception has been good, however the reviewers say that iOS 8 isn’t a facelift like last year’s update, but new messaging features and third-party extensions for keyboards and Touch ID make iPhone and iPad easier to use than ever.

iOS 8
















OS X Yosemite is a powerful latest version of OS X redesigned and refined with a new, modern look, powerful apps and astonishing new continuity features that make working across your Mac and iOS devices more fluid than ever. The working is made easier through fantastic features. iCloud Drive is located within the Finder and can store files of any type and Safari has a new sleek design that puts the most vital controls at your fingertips. Mail makes editing and sending attachments easier than ever; Handoff lets you start an activity on one device and pass it to the other; and Instant Hotspot makes using your iPhone’s hotspot as easy as connecting to a Wi-Fi network. It even gives you the ability to make iPhone calls on your Mac. Still the best desktop OS you can get, Yosemite is sleek, beautiful, and brimming with conveniences and new features. It also boasts the most proficient use of screen real estate of any desktop operating system, along with deep social media and Apple ecosystem integration.














Apple in 2014 surprised everyone by acquiring the critically acclaimed subscription streaming music service Beats Music, and Beats Electronics, which makes the popular Beats headphones, audio software and speakers. As part of the acquirement, Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will be joining Apple. Apple is acquiring the two companies for a total of $3 billion, consisting of a purchase price of around $2.6 billion and around $400 million that will vest over time. This venture of Apple is being looked with amazement by the entire music industry.

Beats Music












Apple in 2014 introduced its 16GB iPod touch in lively colours equipped with a 5-megapixel-iSight camera for just £159. The entire iPod touch lineup characterizes the 5-megapixel iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording, brilliant 4-inch Retina display, Apple’s A5 chip and FaceTime camera. iPod touch features an ultra-thin and light anodised aluminium design and is available in pink, yellow, silver, blue, space grey and red. It’s distinctive looks and affordability has already made it popular amongst the youth.

iPod touch

















Apple in 2014 announced that foremost auto manufacturers are rolling out CarPlay, the smarter, safer and more fun way to use iPhone in the car. CarPlay is basically iOS for your dashboard. By placing the most trendy iPhone functions on a big screen right in the centre of a car’s dashboard, and adding enhanced voice control and interaction through Siri, Apple aims to make using your iPhone while driving an easier and, more significantly, safer affair. CarPlay gives iPhone users an unbelievably instinctive way to make calls, use Maps, listening music and access messages with just a word or a touch. Users can easily control CarPlay from the car’s native interface or just push-and-hold the voice control button on the steering wheel to activate Siri without distraction. Vehicles from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo will premiere CarPlay to their drivers this week, while additional auto manufacturers bringing CarPlay to their drivers down the road include BMW Group, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan Motor Company, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota Motor Corp. All aside, however, CarPlay is a game-changing interface that has immense potential to re-invigorate the aftermarket car audio industry.


















Apple in 2014 has touched new heights of success. The technological advancement is definitely commendable and is being lauded by the consumers all over the world. Thus, the focus of Apple remains delivering best possible quality accompanied by amazing innovations. Lastly, the silent but remarkable marketing techniques have played their own role in attributing the overall performance of the corporation. Apple in 2014 was doing catch up when its come to smartphone display with the iPhone 6 Plus. We hope the company is geared up for a very competitive 2015.

Apple in 2014