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The Nikon Coolpix AW120 is an all weather compact rugged camera. The AW 120 is proving to be a tough competitor out there in the market. It has a tough armoured hide that can essentially withstand a two meter fall onto a hard surface. There is rubber sealing around the buttons and the battery/SD card hatch, makes it amazingly dustproof and water proof to a depth of 18m.

The camera can withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, as claimed by Nikon. This particular camera has immense powers of survival. To check and prove its ruggedness, it was subjected to a lot of situations. It was given a fairly violent rinse in the dishwasher and was also kept in the freezer. In both cases, it came out unscathed. Its size enables it to be carried around comfortably in a jeans pocket or a jacket.AW120_BK_back.low


Although it has splendid survival powers, we feel that its image quality is not known as much as its ruggedness. It was found that the metering was a little off when zoomed in and it has a low light performance, even when the aperture is fully open.

Apart from that, it has quite decent features such as X5 optical zoom. Photos and videos look nice and clean when they are taken in good lighting conditions. In tricky shots where there are both bright and dark scenes, the HDR mode works quite well. Videos taken in full HD 1080p are clean and smooth.

There are additional features incorporated into this model as compared to its predecessor that is the AW 110. The Coolpix AW120 has an electronic compass, so that you know the direction you are facing when you take the shot. There is also a built-in WiFi. This enables a wireless connection to a laptop or a Smartphone. During the hands on, users said that it did not pair with any device for about 10 minutes.

This camera is definitely a good choice if you are going mountaineering or skiing or anything that involves harsh and rugged use.


Main Features

A zoom NIKKOR beginning at the wide-angle 24mm focal length, and offering a fast maximum aperture of f/2.8.

The Coolpix AW120 is waterproof to depths of approximately 18 m, the maximum depth allowed for those with a diving license*.

The Coolpix AW120 supports display of points of interest (POI) for adding the names of places where photos are taken to images captured with the camera.

The Coolpix AW120 is equipped with a five-axis vibration reduction function that combines lens-shift vibration reduction with electronic vibration reduction with movie recording.

The Coolpix AW120 is available in four colors: camouflage pattern, orange, black, and blue. Its unique, elegant design is more refined, yet is tough enough to stand up to harsh conditions, making it well suited not only to use outdoors, but also to everyday use around town.


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