Tuesday, December 2, 2014



The Apple iPad mini 3 or should we call it the iPad mini 2 with Touch ID and a new color? Hard to say. This one’s pretty much the very same spin-off of the last year’s tablet with a more secure Touch ID and this time it comes in gold too. It’s not even a budget option, considering it crossed its predecessor’s range with almost the same technology. But let’s look at its pluses-

Apple is right to be so proud of its breakthrough Touch ID. It is slicker than ever with the new iPad mini 3. This perfect biometric sensor could be set up in seconds and long-pressing the Home button unlocks your tablet securely. It’s also adaptable to all kinds of orientations so no worries if you’re going to hold up your tablet upside down. Even more- Touch ID APK too has been incorporated into iOS 8, enabling developers to score brownie points for enhancing security for their apps. We don’t know for sure how far Apply Pay is going to go…yet. So once it is embraced by many more retailers out there, so the future of exploiting the Touch ID is still a question mark.


With a massive storage of 128GB and the Retina display of 1536 x 2048 resolution (cropping up again, but that’s a pleasure), the design and display look quite brilliant. Oh even the design is the same as iPad mini 2, measuring 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm and 331g. It comes with a supposed battery life of 10 hours for multimedia but that excludes gamers. Oops.

The interface is very stable, with very little in the way of crashes or lags. The iOS 8.1 works as well here as it does on the iPhone range, but with these added features, the stability and usability are even better.


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