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Microsoft is definitely onto something with its Surface Pro 3. Microsoft’s vision was to make the ultimate mobile computing device that can potentially replace the laptops with a tablet first approach. The result of that vision is Surface Pro 3. It is closer than any laptop-tablet hybrid that is released.

The touch screen is 12 inches wide with a pixel count of 2160 x 1440. Unlike the Pro 2 that has an aspect ratio of 16:9, the Pro 3 has been designed with an aspect ratio of 3:2. This implies that this 12-inch screen can display more content than MacBook Air’s 13.3 inch panel at 16:10 ratio. This also makes the tablet feel more like a notepad when held in the portrait orientation. The top is made of a sharp silver colored magnesium shell that looks rich. It’s cool and smooth to touch and is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. The home button can be found on the left side of the device. There are 5MP cameras on both sides of the Pro 3 that can be used for 1080p video recording.


Obviously, a tablet without keyboard is not much of a replacement for a laptop. The keyboard can be attached to the tablet with a powerful magnet that latches on to the Pro 3’s lower bezel. This allows the Type Cover to rest with just a portion of it touching your lap or a desk. This makes writing on the lap much easier. Also, the cover is available in 5 different colors: blue, cyan, red, purple and black. The Surface Pen can be found beside the Type Cover. It has an aluminum finish and a clicker at the top. Its weight and design gives you the feeling of holding a pen. It is powered by N-trig and uses Bluetooth to track closer to its physical location. One hitch with this device is its moderate battery life. The device can sometimes get hot as well. Apart from that it has an excellent display and design and is an excellent choice. This is a premium product that deserves applause.

Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch ClearType Full HD display, 4th-generation Intel® Core™ processor and up to 8 GB of RAM. With up to nine hours of Web-browsing battery life, Surface Pro 3 has all the power, performance and mobility of a laptop in an incredibly lightweight, versatile form.

Surface Pro 3 and Surface accessories

Surface Pro 3 features a 12-inch full HD display, 4th-generation Intel® Core™ processor options, amazing click-in keyboards, and a multiposition kickstand that goes from movie mode to working mode and all the way to writing mode. Because it runs Windows 8.1 Pro, people can run the desktop software they rely on, including Microsoft Office, multitask with side-by-side windows, and use it at work. Surface Pro 3 delivers the best writing and drawing experience with Surface Pen included and an amazing new capability where with just a click of the pen, Surface launches a fresh page in OneNote, so you can capture your thoughts immediately — as quickly as a pen and piece of paper. And it delivers big-screen entertainment anywhere with the larger, full HD screen, the kickstand, great speakers with Dolby® Audio enhanced sound, and up to nine hours of Web-browsing battery life.

New Surface accessories like the improved Surface Pro Type Cover will take Surface Pro 3 from tablet to laptop in a snap. The new premium Surface Pen with pressure sensitivity enables a more natural writing experience, while a full-size USB 3.0 port, microSD card reader and Mini DisplayPort allow for quick file transfers and easy connections to a range of peripherals.


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