Friday, January 14, 2011

Ella Unilag Student Slaughtered in broad day light...R.I.P

Ella was a second year student of Marine Science, University of Lagos. She was religious. She worked at The Rock Foundation Mission (TRF) Fellowship, Unilag. All her friends say she was a darling...she was well liked.
Some days ago, she went to visit a guy, her friend, someone she trusted. This friend drugged her.
Why did he drug her? Her friends believe it was to have his way with her. The drug must have been too strong for her because she passed out and never opened her eyes again. She died the next day at a hospital in Ikeja.
Ella was just 17+ years old.

She will be buried today at Atan Cemetry...Yaba, Unilag Road.
This is such a sad story. So unfortunate.
May her soul rest in peace...amen. And may God grant her family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Is this Manslaughter or Murder in the first degree???? 

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  1. may her soul rest in peace,i will like to say that SEX is one tool the devil has planed to destroy this world with.this is really too sad.