Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nigeria's Infant Mortality rate highest in Africa...

Its so sad for a country said to be the giant of Africa as i blog delegates are busy collecting Ghana must Go bag full of money in the name of PDP Convention...Nigeria we held thee!!!
New data shows that as the death toll in Nigeria is falling, the percentage of deaths that happen in the first month of life is increasing. Newborn deaths now make up 28% of all deaths under five years compared to 24% two years ago. Six out of 10 mothers give birth at home without access to skilled care during childbirth and it is in the first few days of life when both women and newborns are most at risk.

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  1. This is for those who are contesting for the forthcoming elections, bear this in mind that this is one thing you have to fight against because its a bad record the we keep losing children everyday.